Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prescriptions Not Covered by Insurance? Take a Good Look at!

As good as our insurance coverage may be, there are those prescriptions which are just not covered.  For example, your doctor gives you something to help with spots on your skin.  The spots are not serious, they just show up on your skin as a sign of getting older!

Now the prescription is considered "cosmetic" and most likely is not covered.

There is a site to go to:,  which may offer you a coupon for a discount on the retail price of the prescription, considering you are buying it with or without insurance coverage. And because compares pricing amongst pharmacies, you can shop at the best priced one.

I used it the other day and truthfully, I was shocked that it actually worked. The only caveat is that the price you are quoted on the site COULD vary once the prescription is placed. Mine was a $3.00 difference.  I called GoodRX and they did confirm that all pricing is an estimate and it can vary.  I guess if you don't like the final pricing, you can refuse the prescription at time of pick up, as you can do with any prescription you fill.

Check out the site:

It works with or without insurance. I would think that what your co-pay is will determine if you want to use the site or not. I priced one of my generic prescriptions covered by my insurance and found that my co-pay was much less than what the site offered. It does NOT work with Medicaid or Medicare or any Federal or State funded program.

For those with pets, you can also find coupons and pricing for their prescriptions. The beauty of this site is that you get the pricing and can decide to use it or not.  

I did it all online and sent myself an email with the coupon info.  If you do it in a store using the app, just make sure you have service on the phone.  The store I was in yesterday had the pharmacy one flight down from the street and I had no cell service, so I was glad that I had already opened the email I had sent myself before I got there. 

Good to do business with  Nice to save some money whenever we can!