Thursday, July 23, 2015


This will be a short one.  I am out of patience with FEDEX.

I track my package online.

Shows delivery on 7/23.

Today is 7/23.

It is 4pm so I call FEDEX to ask where it actually is since the last info they post is that it is somewhere in CT at 3am and I cannot imagine it getting here, to Martha's Vineyard, today.

Get told it is being delivered tomorrow.  I keep my dogs in most of the day since they love jumping into the truck.

Now I am told that the info online is not correct.

So, I ask, why is there not an update?

And they say it takes 24 hours to update.

I say, that can't be.  Not in this day and age.

With UPS, you not only get up to date info, they say that it will be delivered by a certain time at the latest.

The agent tells me that she is taking notes, registering my comments.

I told her that I am calling the company sending the package never to use FEDEX again.

I am so annoyed and so are the dogs. They missed chasing another rabbit!