Friday, June 25, 2010, Why Not?

Who wouldn't enjoy a discount on something they would have bought anyway at "retail?"

Which is the exact reason I signed up for emails from

There are so many merchants registered with, that finding one of your favorites should not be difficult.

When you arrive at the site,, you will see "Today's Top Coupons" listed.  For example, you might see coupon offers for,, www.lands', and (my favorite,) to name a few.

You can also search by a specific merchant.   The "success rate" is listed for each offer although the most recent ones usually work.  Most of the time I find that the secondary ones do not work if there is no "expiration date" posted.

There are many other sites out there which offer coupon codes.  I found that this one is hassle-free, is easy to search through and usually works.

And truthfully, you don't even have to sign up for emails - just go to their site when you are shopping.  Better to cut down on inbox clutter.

Where to search:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Call Safelite Repair When a Pebble Hits Your Windshield or Worse!

Just my luck, my new car gets hit with a pebble while I was driving on the highway. That same week, my sister mentions that her new car got hit with a pebble.  In the past 7 years, I have not had anything like this happen. Now I need to repair it before the crack spreads.

I visited the local auto glass shop and was told I would need to leave the car for about 45 minutes and it would be repaired. Not really a problem, but it was a very warm day and I didn't feel like walking to the nearby supermarket.

Who hasn't heard the radio commercials for Safe Lite Auto Glass Repair, considering they are run all day and night?  I guess the advertising works, because I decided to call.

On their site,, I filled out a request for an appointment and a service rep called me back in the exact time frame I requested.

There was a choice for me to either go to one of their service shops or have their mobile service van come to my home.  Of course I chose someone coming to my home - otherwise I would be in the same situation as the local auto glass repair shop.

For my appointment, I was able to choose a time, morning or afternoon, for the very next day.

What was really nice was that I received a call from the serviceman letting me know he was on his way and how long it would be for him to arrive.

The repair took about 10 minutes due to the fact that it was a very small crack and he was on his way to his next appointment.

I was pleased with the work and very happy to have it repaired at home.  I could have driven to the shop and another pebble could have hit my car!

Where to look:

Where to call:  1-800-877-2727

Monday, June 7, 2010

Midas Offers an Oil Change and More

The time had come for an oil change and tire rotation.   I also thought I may need new tires because that is what I was told at my last service.

After calling for an appointment at my car dealership, I decided I didn't want to drive the 26 miles which I usually drive, just for an oil change and possible tire rotation.

I saw an ad for a special at Midas for an oil change and tire rotation for less than I would have paid for an oil change. And the Midas shop was only 12 miles away.

I do not remember ever having gone to Midas for anything, ever, but I thought I would try. After calling to schedule an appointment for the following day, I began to have some doubts. The security I feel when going to my usual dealership, where I know everyone, means a great deal to me. I still decided to try Midas.

When I arrived at Midas the next day,  I was greeted and taken care of right away.  There were many cars already there, and people kept coming in.  I felt it was a good sign.

I asked them to check my tire tread and they told me it was good - no tires needed - so I could have my tires rotated.  What a relief - they even showed me how they checked it.

I went for lunch across the street and the car was just about ready when I returned.

Everything was painless, my car feels great and I saved money.

Where to shop:

When you are on their site, put in your zip code and find the location nearest to you.  Don't forget to sign up for special offers.