Monday, November 30, 2009

Putting Anti-Freeze in Your Heating System

Have you had to add anti-freeze to your heating system? I guess I do this because my heating and air conditioning company tells me to.

They came out to measure how much anti-freeze was left in my system, decided I needed more, in the amount of eight (8) - 5 gallon containers.

The expense is very big and I had a bigger mess after they left.

Someone forgot to re-open a line they had closed when adding the anti-freeze and the relief valve opened to release the pressure and there it was...antifreeze all over my floor.

At least it was the basement and a concrete floor, but who needed the mess?

Now they returned to clean up my mess and take another measurement because I had lost a good amount of product in the flood.

Bad news is that I need more again. Good news is that they will make sure to do it correctly this time. Needless to say, I have not yet paid my current invoice.

Advice: Anti-freeze is a necessary evil if you don't want to worry about pipes freezing in the winter should you ever lose heat. Some say that if you have an enclosed system you don't need it, but I would not take a chance. I have Weil-McLain boilers and they do recommend using an anti-freeze designed for hydronic systems and formulated with inhibited propylene glycol, a non-toxic anti-freeze. Just make sure that whomever is doing the job opens/closes the necessary valves correctly.

Stay warm.


GREAT NEWS: OOMA can be found at Costco for $179.99, a great price, for now anyway. Not sure how long this price will last.

You need to shop at the actual store because online has a different model for more money. This new model is most likely not worth the extra money but you can always check out the difference on OOMA's website.

Remember, the Costco store is where you will find the good deal.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sale at Luggage Pros

Check out for a sale ending shortly: 25% off until Monday, 11/30 but there are Brand exclusions. Free Shipping. Enter code: BlackFri25.

Now you can buy the luggage scale or locks or some other accessories for your next trip.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Discount Coupon for

Coupon good until 11/30: Get $25 off a purchase of $100 and free shipping.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Terrorism that's personal (12 images) | Reporting with a camera

Terrorism that's personal (12 images) | Reporting with a camera

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What are you reading lately?

Care to share a title or two? Last month I read "Half Broke Horses" by Jeannette Walls. You may know this author from her other book, "The Glass Castle," but I haven't read this one. "The Glass Castle" deals with her mom and "Half Broke Horses" speaks more of her grandmother and you see how her mom grew up. The book remained in my head for many days. Out of nowhere I would have a vision, and at first not understand where it came from, then realized it was a scene from the book. A powerful story.

You can read this in a few days, easily. Reading this memoir gives you reason to pause and realize how much easier we have it, regardless of how difficult some of our days may be. We have so many choices and it is up to us to take advantage of them - an easier task than her grandmother had.

When I started to read David McCullough's, "John Adams," I felt that I must have slept all through my American history classes. The story of John Adams and his place in the beginning of our country's history, made me realize how we have not learned anything from our past history. Either that or is it that countries and politicians have not changed in all these years? But what an incredibly bright and insightful man John Adams was. Most importantly, he was honest.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need Wine and Free Shipping?

A good source of wine comes from: I used it many times, and I want to share with you this site's offer of Free Shipping until the end of November. No minimum purchase is necessary.

I will take Free Shipping anytime. You can reach them by phone at: 1-800-946-3937.

Go to:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Need a Flat Iron?

Start with your hair and go from there: You may need a hair blower, a flat iron, shampoo, skin products, makeup, you name it. And what if you need a good eyebrow tweezer? Look at I now own a few straighteners as well as large bottles of shampoo, etc. because each time the website offers a discount code, I order something else.

The selection of brands on this site is amazing. You may not find every single name brand, but there are more than enough to get you started.

The prices are just right and with the discounts you can be certain you are getting a good price. Most of the time shipping is free, if you spend a certain amount...unless a promotion is offering Free Shipping in general. They have a 30 day return policy. I love this site and have recommended it many times.

I will write about products I have tried shortly.

Check it out:

Phone and Cable companies

Why do these companies like to take advantage of loyal customers? I am so tired of having to negotiate with these merchants just to get a fair price for their services. For example, haven't you seen offers for new customers at prices you are no longer paying? The "introductory" fees they use to hook you usually expire in a year. Then the price hike comes and what are you to do?

I would rather not mention the name of the companies I am referring to in this writing, but all function the same way.

A while back I was researching a new blackberry online and came across a promotion, from a third party, for the blackberry I wanted at a price I could not believe. When I called my wireless phone company the rep at first was a bit perplexed. Soon she figured out that it was an offer for new customers. I said that for them to not offer a great deal to their "loyal" customers, like me, who pay bills on time and have not switched to another carrier, is ridiculous. She agreed and offered me a $50 credit on my bill which brought the price of the blackberry to the "new customer" price.

Of course I took it.

Same happened with Cable. I had just read the notice about a price increase. I also saw an ad for first time customers. I called and said they are giving me so many reasons to change my cable provider since I can be a first time customer somewhere else and get a much better price. By the time we finished our discussion, my bill became $15 less per month. Not exactly the same as the "new customer," but close enough. And I didn't have to be hassled with returning equipment.

My advice is never to accept an increase at face value. Try to get it reduced. In this economy, I would think that having a customer who pays on time every month is better than losing one.

Friday, November 20, 2009

David Mamet's RACE, on Broadway

I seem to be busy: going to these shows, but it was my birthday and we decided to just have some fun.

"RACE" opened for previews on November 16th and we saw it on the 19th. I am sure that there is some tweaking to be done, but all was pretty buttoned up.

Problem is, the play seems as if Mamet found the script, put away earlier in time, and decided to bring it to Broadway now. The subject matter is old and current at the same time, but what did I learn from it? He didn't bring a different perspective to light. It is possible to say that the play showed that nothing much has changed on the subject of race, but then I have to ask why do it? There are some lines which mention that it was different years ago when racism was so obvious, but again, we already knew that.

Now the cast: James Spader is playing a lawyer, just like the one he played on TV. I feel that his dialogue was more interesting in one of his "Boston Legal" speeches than it was in the play. And he delivered it better on TV. David Alan Grier did a very convincing job but his role was secondary to Spader. Richard Thomas was dull as was Kerry Washington. She read her lines as one usually reads them in a Mamet play, but her delivery was flat.

Richard Thomas's character was supposed to be a very rich man, but the way he was dressed, as if his clothes needed a bit more tailoring, made me wonder if a point was being made, or was it just a poor choice of costume design?

I hope my comments help.

Hamlet starring Jude Law on Broadway

Finally got to see Jude Law up close: and was not disappointed. Although the play itself was lacking drama, lacking soul, it was a pleasure to see Jude Law do Shakespeare.

The show is closing December 6th, so if you do get tickets, I would mention that he seems to be on the left side of the stage (audience's left side,) more often, so choose a seat accordingly so you can see him better.
We were in the third row, right side.

Most of the other actors were just average and if Jude Law was not in the production, I would have left. But then, if Jude Law was not playing Hamlet, I would not have purchased tickets in the first place.

It is a 3 hour play, so be prepared.

Sunday, November 15, 2009 coupon

Coupon Code: "48HOURS" good until 11:59pm PST November 16th. It is for $25 off a purchase of $125. There are some brand restrictions.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

You May Find This Interesting

On a totally different note, you may want to look at this website:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moosejaw Again

Now they are having a 30% off Friends and Family and Enemy coupon: Starts today and ends on Sunday, the 15th. Must be something magic about that date. I can send you the link. Email me at:


If you do anything: like hike, run or camp out, ski, snowboard, or travel, or need clothes for those mentioned activities, you must go to! When we were going to Antarctica we went nuts at this site and thankfully they were offering a discount at the time. We bought almost everything we needed and more. The brands they carry are numerous, but I will mention a few: Patagonia, Northface, Leki, Arcteryx, Icebreaker, J-41, Mamot, Mountain Hardware, Volcom.

Right now on their site they are having a sale on Jackets. I love Moosejaw and love getting help online with their "chat" sessions.

Give them a look:

30% off at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy

Gap Give and Get Program: started today and ends Sunday the 15th. It works for Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. If you want me to forward the email to you let me know. I was at Banana Republic today and it was very busy. I actually found some corduroy pants which fit. Send me an email at:

My New Baggallini Bag

Update on my new purchase: When the coupon from arrived in an email, I just had to use it. I didn't need another pair of shoes, so why not a bag? As I mentioned in the past, I love these Baggallini bags. I have 2 small ones which I use when I don't have to take much along with me. But what if I need more room? I found the perfect style: The "Brussels Bagg." It has flaps, pockets, zippers, changeable straps to go from shoulder bag, to cross body bag to backpack. I had room for all my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, a towel I had to take with me to match color at BBB, my cell phone and even my umbrella. I was in heaven. And remember, these bags are very lightweight.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Avoiding Stains on Your Furniture and Carpets

How stain free is your home? I have no fears, Fiberseal is my saving grace. This product gets sprayed on fabrics, sofas, carpets, upholstered beds, for starters. It lasts a few years and you may have to repeat it in heavily trafficked areas. The idea is that the product will prevent stains from becoming permanent. This company can be found across the USA. You can have a representative come out to the house and give you an estimate and can decide how much you want to do. Once the work is done they will leave you with a package of the sprays and solutions to mix to help remove any stains you may get. (My lab decided to "regurgitate" on my bedroom carpet 2 days after having Fiberseal put on. It came right out after following the instructions in the package.) I contacted the franchise in NY and spoke with Beverly Spitzer, who had started this franchise over 30 years ago. If you are out of the area, she can tell you whom to call. She can be reached at: 212-888-1070.

Where to find information:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Clean or not to Clean

I can vacuum holding a cup of coffee: When I was young, my mom would smoke a cigarette and vacuum. I am sure that many moms did that since smoking was not considered a bad thing. Whether it is an upright or canister, I have had them. Right now I am using Miele, both an upright and canister. A long time ago I fell for the Oreck mailing and ordered their upright. It never seemed to clean my carpets well, especially with the dog hair I have from my 2 Yellow Labs. When I brought it in to see if anything was wrong, I was told that it was working fine but needed these tablets which go inside a small pouch in the cover to make it smell better...because I had dogs. I ended up a nice smelling vacuum but the machine still didn't do a good job.

Onto Miele. Yes they are expensive but I don't have any issues with them. I found a very nice site to buy these from, I have actually spoken to the same person each time I have called. Most of these brand name items aren't discounted but somehow the person at threw in an extra box or two of vacuum bags. Maybe it was because I had purchased from him before, or maybe it was the fact that I asked for something to help make me feel better about spending the money. Don't really remember, but nothing should stop you from asking for anything. All they can do is say "no." And this site also ships boxes of vacuum bags for free.