Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need Wine and Free Shipping?

A good source of wine comes from: I used it many times, and I want to share with you this site's offer of Free Shipping until the end of November. No minimum purchase is necessary.

I will take Free Shipping anytime. You can reach them by phone at: 1-800-946-3937.

Go to:


Buffalo Bruce said...

Cool, but some of my friends live in Pennsylvania, Indiana and New Hampshire and I live in Massachusetts. They can't deliver to these states. How ridiculous are the laws that prevent us from making wine transactions with other states. Legislatures, get wise!!!

ShelleySays said...

I know that some states are not being cooperative. When we are at our house in MV, I can't get most wine delivered. But...Geerlings and Wade does deliver to MA etc., but the wines available are not necessarily the same for NY.