Monday, November 30, 2009

Putting Anti-Freeze in Your Heating System

Have you had to add anti-freeze to your heating system? I guess I do this because my heating and air conditioning company tells me to.

They came out to measure how much anti-freeze was left in my system, decided I needed more, in the amount of eight (8) - 5 gallon containers.

The expense is very big and I had a bigger mess after they left.

Someone forgot to re-open a line they had closed when adding the anti-freeze and the relief valve opened to release the pressure and there it was...antifreeze all over my floor.

At least it was the basement and a concrete floor, but who needed the mess?

Now they returned to clean up my mess and take another measurement because I had lost a good amount of product in the flood.

Bad news is that I need more again. Good news is that they will make sure to do it correctly this time. Needless to say, I have not yet paid my current invoice.

Advice: Anti-freeze is a necessary evil if you don't want to worry about pipes freezing in the winter should you ever lose heat. Some say that if you have an enclosed system you don't need it, but I would not take a chance. I have Weil-McLain boilers and they do recommend using an anti-freeze designed for hydronic systems and formulated with inhibited propylene glycol, a non-toxic anti-freeze. Just make sure that whomever is doing the job opens/closes the necessary valves correctly.

Stay warm.

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