Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wedding Bliss

jaclyn + andrew (highlights) from 15 Minutes of Frame on Vimeo.

Once you view this video, you will see why I waited with baited breath for the final version!

Can you imagine seeing this short teaser of a video and not even realizing that anyone was there recording it all?  The staff of 15 Minutes of Frame were everywhere yet not in anyone's way.

A remarkable job was done by 15 Minutes of Frame.  You could tell that they treated this wedding as a very special occasion and not just one of the many jobs they have already done or will be doing.

The fact that the wedding and venue were already so beautiful was made even more so by the work of these very talented videographers.

Check out their website:

Friday, February 22, 2013

Free or Almost Free Books for Electronic Readers

One way that I have found books I would not have thought to look for is through  It is a free email newsletter that keeps you updated about deeply discounted and free digital books. does not sell the books, but does alert you by email to limited-time offers you can purchase from Amazon's Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook store, Apple's iBookstore and others.  Many books are offered for promotional purposes by book publishers.

Since there are so many books out there, publishers are offering these deals to get their titles discovered and to spur interest in the book or author.

When you sign up at, you can select the categories of books you would like to see offered and you also designate your type of electronic book.   If a book seems interesting,  I then go to my Kindle and look up the book.  You then just download a copy.

All it takes is minutes and you have another book to read.

Many of the books I have read were free.  It is so much easier to take a chance on a book if you didn't pay for it.  But I have found that I went on to read other books by the same authors. So the teaser book you downloaded for free can lead you to then purchase others if you enjoyed what you had read.

Not a bad deal for you, the reader and also the author and publisher.

Check out and enjoy many more hours of reading.