Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rule #4: The Smaller The Better

In the case of how many people you bring along to help you find a dress, smaller is better.  Please do not bring everyone you know with you to look for your wedding dress.  If you ever watched "Say Yes To The Dress," you can see how difficult it becomes to choose your gown when there are more opinions than there are wedding dresses.

This is your special time.  It belongs to you.  You are in charge. Take as few people as you deem necessary.

Your entire bridal party does not have to join you in your search.  Each person you bring along brings with them another opinion.  In this case, the more the merrier does not compute.

Those coming along should understand why they are there.  It's not about their personal opinion of what they think you should be wearing.  They need to be objective and look at you, the bride, and what looks best.

My advice for all of those accompanying the bride:  we all get that feeling of excitement when seeing a bride-to-be come out in a dress for the first time.  Try to keep hold of that emotion and use it to help the bride choose her special wedding dress.

Good luck shopping!