Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Washing Machine in Need of a Quick Fix

I only have good things to say about my Speed Queen Washer.  When I was young, we had Speed Queen machines in the Laundry Room in our apartment building.  You would put quarters in it to do a wash. Same for the dryers. Those were commercial machines but they were big and always worked. 

Last year I purchased a fairly simple model with knobs and limited cycles since I found I rarely use the other cycles anyway.  They have a great setting called Auto Fill where it determines how much water your wash actually needs.  The other setting I love is Normal Eco which uses a spray rinse for less water consumption and less hot water.

Recently I had noticed that the vinyl ring sitting over the drum was shredding and pieces were getting into my clothes.  I called Speed Queen, which is an Alliance Laundry Systems LLC company, and asked about this.  They told me that this problem is new and that they will cover the replacement parts and service. 

So I called the Appliance store and made a service appointment.  The parts were ordered and service was done.  It was actually a more involved repair than just the vinyl top of the drum.  The inner and outer drums were also replaced.  The unit was tested and the machine was working.

Before I did a wash using my now repaired machine, for some reason I held the agitator and turned the drum.  I have no idea what made me do this as I had not tried that with the machine ever before.  Hearing water splash around worried me since it seemed to be coming from between the inner and outer drum. I did two loads of laundry and all worked fine but that water sound still remained.

I looked online for answers to washing machine issues and all I would read is that a pump runs to remove water from the drums, so of course I assumed that I should not be hearing water.

First thing this morning I called Speed Queen.  After explaining what I was hearing since the repair was done, the representative assured me that when turning the drum and hearing water swish around is normal.  That water has a lubrication solution in it and is necessary to be there. If I didn't hear water, then I would have a problem.

By the way, I also have the matching dryer which works perfectly.

There is something to learn everyday.  And I thank Speed Queen for excellent customer service and taking care of an issue with great speed!