Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phone and Cable companies

Why do these companies like to take advantage of loyal customers? I am so tired of having to negotiate with these merchants just to get a fair price for their services. For example, haven't you seen offers for new customers at prices you are no longer paying? The "introductory" fees they use to hook you usually expire in a year. Then the price hike comes and what are you to do?

I would rather not mention the name of the companies I am referring to in this writing, but all function the same way.

A while back I was researching a new blackberry online and came across a promotion, from a third party, for the blackberry I wanted at a price I could not believe. When I called my wireless phone company the rep at first was a bit perplexed. Soon she figured out that it was an offer for new customers. I said that for them to not offer a great deal to their "loyal" customers, like me, who pay bills on time and have not switched to another carrier, is ridiculous. She agreed and offered me a $50 credit on my bill which brought the price of the blackberry to the "new customer" price.

Of course I took it.

Same happened with Cable. I had just read the notice about a price increase. I also saw an ad for first time customers. I called and said they are giving me so many reasons to change my cable provider since I can be a first time customer somewhere else and get a much better price. By the time we finished our discussion, my bill became $15 less per month. Not exactly the same as the "new customer," but close enough. And I didn't have to be hassled with returning equipment.

My advice is never to accept an increase at face value. Try to get it reduced. In this economy, I would think that having a customer who pays on time every month is better than losing one.

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