Thursday, November 12, 2009

My New Baggallini Bag

Update on my new purchase: When the coupon from arrived in an email, I just had to use it. I didn't need another pair of shoes, so why not a bag? As I mentioned in the past, I love these Baggallini bags. I have 2 small ones which I use when I don't have to take much along with me. But what if I need more room? I found the perfect style: The "Brussels Bagg." It has flaps, pockets, zippers, changeable straps to go from shoulder bag, to cross body bag to backpack. I had room for all my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, a towel I had to take with me to match color at BBB, my cell phone and even my umbrella. I was in heaven. And remember, these bags are very lightweight.

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