Monday, November 9, 2009

Avoiding Stains on Your Furniture and Carpets

How stain free is your home? I have no fears, Fiberseal is my saving grace. This product gets sprayed on fabrics, sofas, carpets, upholstered beds, for starters. It lasts a few years and you may have to repeat it in heavily trafficked areas. The idea is that the product will prevent stains from becoming permanent. This company can be found across the USA. You can have a representative come out to the house and give you an estimate and can decide how much you want to do. Once the work is done they will leave you with a package of the sprays and solutions to mix to help remove any stains you may get. (My lab decided to "regurgitate" on my bedroom carpet 2 days after having Fiberseal put on. It came right out after following the instructions in the package.) I contacted the franchise in NY and spoke with Beverly Spitzer, who had started this franchise over 30 years ago. If you are out of the area, she can tell you whom to call. She can be reached at: 212-888-1070.

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