Friday, June 25, 2010, Why Not?

Who wouldn't enjoy a discount on something they would have bought anyway at "retail?"

Which is the exact reason I signed up for emails from

There are so many merchants registered with, that finding one of your favorites should not be difficult.

When you arrive at the site,, you will see "Today's Top Coupons" listed.  For example, you might see coupon offers for,, www.lands', and (my favorite,) to name a few.

You can also search by a specific merchant.   The "success rate" is listed for each offer although the most recent ones usually work.  Most of the time I find that the secondary ones do not work if there is no "expiration date" posted.

There are many other sites out there which offer coupon codes.  I found that this one is hassle-free, is easy to search through and usually works.

And truthfully, you don't even have to sign up for emails - just go to their site when you are shopping.  Better to cut down on inbox clutter.

Where to search:

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Unknown said...

Way to go Shelley, another good one!