Monday, June 7, 2010

Midas Offers an Oil Change and More

The time had come for an oil change and tire rotation.   I also thought I may need new tires because that is what I was told at my last service.

After calling for an appointment at my car dealership, I decided I didn't want to drive the 26 miles which I usually drive, just for an oil change and possible tire rotation.

I saw an ad for a special at Midas for an oil change and tire rotation for less than I would have paid for an oil change. And the Midas shop was only 12 miles away.

I do not remember ever having gone to Midas for anything, ever, but I thought I would try. After calling to schedule an appointment for the following day, I began to have some doubts. The security I feel when going to my usual dealership, where I know everyone, means a great deal to me. I still decided to try Midas.

When I arrived at Midas the next day,  I was greeted and taken care of right away.  There were many cars already there, and people kept coming in.  I felt it was a good sign.

I asked them to check my tire tread and they told me it was good - no tires needed - so I could have my tires rotated.  What a relief - they even showed me how they checked it.

I went for lunch across the street and the car was just about ready when I returned.

Everything was painless, my car feels great and I saved money.

Where to shop:

When you are on their site, put in your zip code and find the location nearest to you.  Don't forget to sign up for special offers.

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