Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't Let a Dead Battery Drain Your Wallet

Do you own a vehicle which sits for a time without being used? I do and recently the battery died.  Why?  Because my battery maintainer broke and I did not buy a new one.  My laziness resulted in having to buy a new battery along with another battery maintainer.

There is a product called a battery maintainer that maintains and extends the life of a battery in your car, truck, ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle.

The battery maintainer keeps your vehicles charged when not in use so that they start when you need them.

Now you may ask, why buy this product if it broke?  I will answer that by saying that this particular one was car specific (without mentioning the car type,) and from what I read on blogs, many people had problems with it holding up.

I am about to purchase a Duracell D2A 2 AMP 12V Battery Maintainer from  This gets good reviews and is very reasonable priced. The Duracell D2A AMP 12V Battery Maintainer is portable, lightweight and easy to use and includes an accessory package to suit most types of battery connections.  It has a 2 AMP Constant DC output current and a voltage range of 90-132V and 50/60 HZ and requires no installation or set-up.

You need to check to make sure the one you buy works for your car or other vehicle.

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