Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Scam to Scram! Credit Card Follow-Up.

When I finished my last posting about the credit card scammers, I said that I would be calling  to speak with supervisor.  Here is what happened:

I called and was connected to a supervisor after the representative on the phone apologized to me for what had happened.

After explaining the situation to the supervisor, she asked me what I wanted her to do about it.  Could she at least have come up with a solution on her own?

"I want my money put back into my checking account and I will pay you in January, when that amount was due, that is what I want!"

She agreed but never apologized for what had happened.  

I also inquired as to why, when they call, do they not state who they are and only ask if "so and so" is home?

At first she said she didn't know why the collection dept. did that, but stated that it is the policy.  I suggested that possibly, if they said who was calling, the person called may hang up.  "Yes, that could be the reason," the supervisor responded.

If only she had shown as much concern about what was done as did the first representative I spoke with, I would be inclined to continue using the card.  But instead, she chose to act as if the matter was just another annoyance to her.

Goodbye credit card. 

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