Monday, March 14, 2011

American Airlines Responds in Record Time

Have you taken a flight and had such a negative experience that you had to complain to someone short of vowing never to fly that airline again?

I did exactly that and was very pleased with a phone call I received a few days later.

Of course no phone call could take back the experience, but at least a company responds in hope that the situation won't be repeated.  

We do everyone a favor by bringing to attention problems during a flight.  If we don't, how can you expect situations to be remedied?  (I am assuming that the airline does actually care and would want to retain your business.)

The real challenge is how to find the right people to complain to.  If your email gets lost in the incorrect mailbox, it does little good. You won't get a response and you will feel even more upset.

While on the flight, I read through the airline's magazine and there was an article written by the person in charge of Customer Relations.  I wrote his name down and put it in my wallet.

I made a few other calls and finally had a list of 3 additional names, all in the Customer Service/Relations  area.

After sending the email, I received an automatic "out of office" reply from one of the recipients.  A few days later the phone call came.

The representative who had called me said that all departments affected by my complaints would be contacted.  Aircraft appearance, food quality and flight attendant attitude were involved.

Interestingly, I had been on 4 flights yet only one segment was a problem. So the one flight seemed even worse since 3 others had been such a positive experience.

At least the airline understood that I had legitimate gripes because I had nothing but praise for the other flights.

So thank you, American Airlines!  If everything isn't perfect, at least you are willing to improve upon what is already a pretty good ride.

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Unknown said...

Two excellent experiences with corporations...Verizon Wireless and American Airlines!! Good for you for sticking with it until you got a resolution.