Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ironing Without an Ironing Board

I just bought the best little item from Bed Bath and Beyond.

It is from Real Simple Solutions and is called a "Roll - Up Ironing Pad."

Most of the time, when I do have to iron, I drag the ironing board out of the storage closet down in the basement up into the kitchen.

Needless to say, I need to reverse the trip when returning it to its proper place.

While I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for some items for a party I was having,  this  roll-up ironing pad caught my eye and I could not help but put it into my shopping cart.  I figured that if it was useless, I could always return it.

Today I had to iron some pillowcases and shams.  I opened my new roll-up ironing pad, placed it on the kitchen island, and started to iron.

All done in no time and I didn't have to haul anything out of the closet, up the stairs and back.

On the underside of the pad is a nonslip rubber backing so it does not slide around.

The size is decent:  29" x 22".   I even ironed a pair of pants in only 2 moves.

This is really so simple.


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