Sunday, November 25, 2012

Does The A&P Supermarket Assume We Don't Know Math?

Let's not think that I have so much free time to read supermarket flyers this carefully, but  this one jumped right out at me. 

Actually, I do read them each week to see how specials change along with price points. 

This deal from the A and P smells very fishy.

It seems that the smallest size Shrimp Ring is the best buy.

You get totally ripped off with the mid size one compared to the cost of the other sizes.

Is there a typo or just a way the A&P works their magic, assuming very few of us out in consumerland will actually do the math? 

Maybe the A and P needs a better marketing person to check on their offers before they are printed.  Maybe the A and P did this on purpose.  We are all programmed to know that as you buy a larger size of an item, the price per unit drops.  It is as basic as math 101.

Of course when you buy something by the pound, the more you buy the more it costs, since the price per pound stays the same.  In the case of this Shrimp Ring, the cost fluctuates in a way that could only make sense to the A and P.

And then the last line in the ad makes it seem that Cocktail Sauce is included when you use your card.  We know that they mean the price is based on using your card, but why make a statement that is open to interpretation.  I could argue that I don't have to use my card to get the deal (not that it is a deal,) but only need my card to get the cocktail sauce.

So take note, a good deal may not be that good.  Check the math.

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