Friday, July 26, 2013

When Your Home Needs An Exterminator, Who Do You Call?

Let's face it, insects are here to stay and their populations are growing.  Maybe it is due to climate change, or too much rain, or the heat. Who knows why, but until now, I had not seen so many insects hanging around my property, ever.

Years ago I thought it might make sense to contract with a pest control company so that I had a plan of attack as well as having someone to call when new issues arose.

Yes, I could have called one of the major companies around, but I knew that they were expensive and would try to sell me every kind of spraying service known to mankind.

What I did, and it is something I have never done before, was go through the Yellow Pages and look at ads.  I came across an ad with a photograph of the staff and just felt I had to call them.  Everyone looked so nice.  If you know me, you would know that this is not how I operate, but something made me make the call.

As it turns out, I have been using this company for at least 5 years and have been so pleased with the service I just had to write about them.

The company is called Regal Pest Management, Inc. and they handle residential as well as commercial properties in NY and NJ.  The owner will call to let me know that I am due a service, set a time for them to come and they arrive promptly.  They are very respectful of my home, even taking their shoes off when they walk in my door.

And what an education I receive from the technicians. Ed knows everything about every "pest" on the planet.  He will give me a history of whatever it is I ask about.  This week it was Cicada Killers! 

Check out their website:

Each insect has a reason for being and we do not want to eradicate the species, but sometimes we need to exert a little control.  Call Regal Pest Management, Inc. to help.

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Jacki said...

Very interesting. One more thing to think about when I buy a home! Thanks for your advice!