Thursday, April 23, 2015

Macy's Should Be Known As Incompetence, Inc.

I shop online most of the time.  Anything is better than having to go into a store and wait in a long line whenever they have a sale.

Last week I ventured onto Macy's website because they seemed to be having a good sale. Very rarely do I shop at this site or in the store but I thought I would try it.

After doing my research and putting the right items in my cart, I checked out. Mission accomplished.

Not so, as of the next day when they now offered a 15% additional discount on what I just bought.  It was not even 24 hours after I placed the order.

Being who I am,  I called up customer service to see if they would give me the additional discount or maybe I would just cancel the order and start from scratch.

Speaking with the rep, I just lost all of my energy because she was inept and didn't grasp what I wanted to do.  I had to end the call before I "lost it."

I called back a little later and after explaining the reason for my call, which this second rep understood, she informed me that there was a change to one of the items in my cart, so that what I wanted the discount on was actually not in my cart.  A substitution was made.  She could not tell me who changed it since I certainly didn't.  Now we were dealing with a different issue altogether.  The item I originally ordered was a comforter which was a Down alternative.  The one which now appeared in my cart was not listed as a Down Alternative.  The rep said it was made of Down.  At that point, she nor I had a clue as to what happened so I asked for a supervisor.

Finally someone came back to the phone.  I needed to start the saga all over again.  He told me that he would order the correct one for me, ship it for free, give me the discount and will call UPS to intercept the "incorrect" one for a pick up.   He said the problem must be with Macy's.  No kidding! Now I had to explain that the original one was shipped with other items, so that if he asks UPS to intercept the package before it is delivered, I wouldn't get my other items.

Now he was perplexed. I suggested that he does not ask UPS to return it, but rather let me receive it, take out the other items from the package, then call him for a merchandise pick up.  He agreed but I still did not know if he understood.

Guess what?  Both packages arrived and they were the same exact item! Go figure that one out.  I called today to ask for a pick up and was told that it takes 10-12 business days for UPS to come for the package.  They also said that UPS will send me an email letting me know when they are coming. I am not holding my breath about any of this and will have to check back with Macy's customer service if no email arrives.

Will I ever shop online at Macy's again?  No way, no matter what price point they offer.  So much of my time was wasted so it was not money well spent.

And that is just not right.

Alert:  Today on their site the item is now $20 more, but there is a 20% coupon.  How can anyone shop that way?

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