Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Cordless Wine Opener

I just bought myself the best present: a Waring Cordless Wine Opener! I had been reading about these recently and thought, "Who needs this gadget?" Then finding myself at my favorite store, Costco, I noticed the Waring Cordless Wine Bottle Opener with a $5.00 instant rebate. How could I go wrong? And if I didn't like it, I could return it without a problem.

Got home and charged it in the base for 8 hours. I was looking forward to having wine that night. It was so simple, so easy to use, I couldn't wait for my husband to see it. Seriously, how could you go wrong spending $19.99 for this?

Here is the description of the item from the Waring website:

The Waring Pro™ Professional Cordless Wine Opener (model no. WO50) removes natural and synthetic corks with ease, allowing consumers to effortlessly open a bottle of wine in seconds. The rubberized handset is ergonomically designed to provide consumers with a comfortable grip while removing the cork. The product also boasts a streamlined design; there are no levers or winged attachments to manipulate, so novices and sommeliers alike can open a bottle of wine with one hand, without tugging on the corkscrew.

A removable foil cutter, stored in the base of the unit, saves the consumer time in opening a bottle of wine. Simply attach the foil cutter to the top of the bottle, keeping hands on the lower part of the bottle and away from the cutter blade, and turn the cutter in a twisting motion to remove the foil.

Where to buy: at your local Costco. You can find it on their website, but it is $34.99, shipping and handling included. It is sold many places with an average price of $39.99. Please note that the model number on the box at Costco is different, but that is something manufacturers do when Costco offers products you can find elsewhere. The actual unit has the WO50 on th

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