Saturday, February 6, 2010

Compare Prices Before Purchasing

My daughter just called. Her TV is no longer working. We need to find one right away! The first website I go to is: They are also associated with: Always check both sites because prices may differ for the same items. Also, prices may change during the week or right before the weekend. Over the past few years I have ordered TVs and cameras from both these sites and never had any problems at all.

I found exactly what I wanted on and ordered it. The following day I checked the site and didn't see any price changes, so I decided to search again, just in case. I came across another site which does comparison pricing. Never have seen this site before today and gave it a chance. It is:

It worked very well and listed reliable merchants with good history. As most of these sites work, you can put in your zipcode and get the total price including shipping and taxes. I did find that still showed the best price.

Where to shop:,

Where to compare:

Enjoy watching the Super Bowl!


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Susan said...

Great leads.....