Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't shop at!

Total rip off! I get emails from Today I received one with a 20% off sitewide sale.

I put items in my cart. Went to check out and never got the additional 20% off. I called and was told that the 20% was reflected in the prices.

Bogus, I told them. I was on the site last week and these were the same prices without the 20% off. Told me to call Customer Relations. I did. The rep kept putting me on hold to check on this. Came back to the phone, apologized and offered me a gift certificate, which he was sending to my email address. That was hours ago and still, no email from them. I told the rep that it was nice to offer me this, but what about everyone else who is shopping through this email? They are thinking that things are 20% less, but in reality, they aren't. If I didn't go to the site last week, I wouldn't have known this and would have believed the rep when I originally was told the discount was reflected in the price.

That's it for me. Never again will I buy online at this site.

Where NOT to buy: I won't bother giving you the link!

Stick to my favoite site:

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