Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coffee With a Jolt and Not Just From Caffeine

As much as I love coffee, I found that I was not experimenting with other sites and staying with the tried and true coffee bean roasters.

I needed to find more coffee sources.  With a little researching, I came across This site has a great selection of beans from all different categories:  gourmet, flavored, organic, decaf, expresso and blends. You can buy flavorings, mixes, teas, coffee accessories and gourmet gifts.

If you order coffee for your business,  they have it as well as supplies.

I decided to place a small order, 3 different coffees, to see how I would like it.

The coffee arrived pretty quickly and what I liked, even before I brewed a cup, was the label they put on the bag:  it showed an order number, my name and the type of coffee in the bag.   The material that the bag is made of is pretty durable, although I usually keep my beans in a vacuum sealed container, which is actually suggested to do so on the bag.

And speaking of the bag, there is a good deal of information printed on each bag:  Storage, Grinding, Brewing tips, for example.

I made my first cup of the Bali Paradise Valley a day after receiving the beans and it was wonderful.  I also ordered  "Decaf Costa Rica Reserve" and "Guatemala Antigua."   I am almost ready to place another order, this time concentrating on the Organic coffees.

As far as shipping goes, right now they are offering a special shipping price of $1.99 as long as you meet certain requirements.  Otherwise, shipping costs are based on weight of your order.

Today I received an email from, thanking me for my order and offering me a discount on my next order.

I know that I will be taking advantage of this offer. They want to keep their customers happy.

So far, I am.

Where to buy:

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Buffalo Bruce said...

Sounds wonderful. Is there a minimum order? Can one order their coffees as gifts? And, the big one...are their bags recyclable?

This inquiring mind wishes to know!