Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be Careful When You Transfer Prescriptions to Your Mail Order Pharmacy

They made a suggestion.  I took them up on it.  I got screwed.  While I was on my account on my Mail Order Pharmacy's site,  I see a note that I can transfer my Retail Pharmacy prescriptions to their Mail Order Pharmacy.

What a good idea!  There are meds I am using repeatedly and by transferring them,  not only can I get 3 months at a time, but I get a price break when I do.  Let me state that this policy is with my insurance and may or may not be available with yours.

I call them to question prices and find out what I do exactly.  The rep says that he can do it for me on the phone.

We go over all the prescriptions and the prices.  Then we start transferring them one by one.

When we are on the first, he asks if I want auto refills and I said no because I am not sure how long I may need it and don't want to have to be responsible to cancel an auto refill.  He says that is fine and finalizes the order.  When he goes over it with me, he ends with..."and I set up auto refills for you."  I said that is not correct but he can't change it.  Back to square one for me and now I will have to call to stop the auto shipments.

After finishing with some others and doing it correctly, he tells me to call my doctors to let them know that they will receive a fax from the Mail Order Pharmacy requesting these be filled.

I do that right away and follow up my calls with emails.

A few days later I get an email from the Mail Order Pharmacy telling me that the prescriptions are being shipped.  When I go over each one, I notice that only 1 out of 3 are for a 3 month supply.  To add insult to injury, 1 of the meds is now costing me 2 and 1/2 times more than it did at the Retail Pharmacy for the same 1 month supply.

Immediately I am on the phone with a rep from the Mail Order Pharmacy.  I get more and more frustrated.  They put me on hold for a long time to check and tell me that my doctor ordered them for only 1 month instead of 3.

I ask that if the doctor calls them to change it to a 3 month supply, could they just add it to the original and send me 2 more, considering I just now paid so much more than I originally did at the Retail Pharmacy.

No, they could not.  The prescription is filled correctly from their end, so it is not their problem. I ask for  a supervisor.  After explaining it all, he will not budge.  I ask if he could give me a courtesy credit for the difference I had to pay them from the Retail Pharmacy price since it was not my fault, and he refuses.  They do not care how much it cost me and he has the audacity to tell me to ask my doctor for a credit since the doctor made the mistake.

The worst part of it is that I did everything correctly and I now have to pay so much more, it was absurd.

I ended the call not believing what had just occurred.

My doctor has sent them a new prescription for the correct quantity but I am not even sure it will get filled now that they just filled one.

This entire experience was a no-win situation.

So please, if you ever find yourself transferring prescriptions, cover your bases even more than I did. You just never know!

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