Monday, September 27, 2010

Need A New Book to Read?

Have you just finished reading a book and need a recommendation for your next one? I find that I am always asking my friends who are in book clubs to share with me the title of the newest book they had enjoyed reading.

Many times the answer is that they did not like the book and I should not bother reading it.

A good friend of mine suggested that I take a look at this site:

What a great idea for a website!  There is so much information on this site so plan on spending time here. 

It seems that you would get the most out of once you start adding books you have read.  You can then get recommendations based on your reading selections. There are also various chats taking place at any given time to discuss a book.

I started out by adding 2 books I had read and when I highlighted the tab, "recommendations,"  a huge list was generated. 

What is useful is the fact that you will add the books you read so that you won't get caught trying to remember a particular book title or author, as I find myself doing, a month after I finished reading. 

What I really thought to be helpful was, under the tab "local," you see a list of libraries and bookstores in your area along with scheduled events. When you highlight a library, for example, another window opens with info on that particular library, its website address, address and a map showing the location.

There are so many links on this site and I suggest you do your own exploring once you register, add some books and start reading.

Where to look:

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Unknown said...

So interesting. Will try it asap as I always need new recommendations. Thanks!