Thursday, October 7, 2010

Find a Parking Garage in the City Before Leaving Home

Lately I find that I need to be in the city.  Before I even leave the house, panic sets in just thinking about finding a parking space.

Some friends seem to love the challenge of driving around and getting that prized parking space.  I don't find driving in the city to be something I enjoy doing.  I want to get to my destination, park and get on with my business.

I came across a website: while investigating prices of monthly parking garages.  This site lists parking garages in 18 cities as well as garages at airports in those cities. 

You can search for a parking garage by neighborhood, address, location or attraction.  You highlight an area in the city you are searching and a map appears with pop-ups of all garage locations in that neighborhood.  Once you locate a garage, you can reserve a space by filling out the info requested in the banner which appears above the list of garages.

Book a space for when you need it.  You can save more money depending on time of day you park and the location of the garage.  Sometimes it may be less at a garage a few blocks away from your destination.  This is why the site, works so well - you can do all the research at your computer.

They offer applications you can download for your IPhone, some Blackberry models and  Androids.

There may be a coupon offer for a discount so look for those. The site lists many parking garage companies to choose from, such as Icon, Quik Park, Edison Park Fast, Rapid Park, to name a few. 

To get back to my original reason for finding this site, I did get a list of parking garages in the area I wanted, filled out a form and received a call a day or so later.  The representative gave me prices for at least 5 garages in the area, letting me know their exact location, and how far they were from my starting point.  It was interesting to see the how prices varied a block or two away.

If my arrival into the city can be made a little easier, I can save panicking for other things.

Where to park:

P.S.  You may not be able to get to the website directly through this post.  

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