Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally... A Toy My Puppy Has Not Destroyed

Drew is my 4th Labrador Retriever and I have never seen such an aggressive chewer.  Every stuffed "animal" dog toy is ripped open, squeakers gone, stuffing all over the house.

The Nylabone chew toys are pretty good, but they are so chewed, the ends of each one have become too sharp.

My new chew toy of choice is from Here is how they describe this new item:

A new twist on an old favorite! Made from our extremely durable, one-of-a-kind material, Zogoflex®, Huck will keep your dog jumping…literally! With its hefty weight and grooved shape this incredible ball will bounce in all directions, giving your dog added exercise, and a good mental workout, to boot. Fling it across the field, bounce it on the ground, or toss it in the water (it floats!) – Huck can handle nearly anything your dog dishes out.
Complete with a full, one time replacement guarantee to stand up against doggy destruction. Choose from 3 bright, fun colors and available in 2 sizes. Small Huck is similar to the size of a tennis ball, and is compatible with toys that throw tennis balls.
Made in Montana, USA. 

They also have a bone shaped chew called HurleyBoth come in different sizes and colors. There are a few other shapes made from the same material, so choose what you think will work for your dog.

I also like the colors because they are easy to find anywhere, even under the sofa. 

When my puppy is in the back of the car, I give him the Hurley and I can hear the intense chewing.  So much better than his chewing on any part of my car his mouth can reach.  

If a dog is meant to chew, then these Zogoflex toys are meant to be chewed.

Where to buy:, and, for starters.

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