Monday, October 11, 2010

A Chewed Dog Collar Needs Replacement

There it was, the plastic snap broken in half.  Leave it up to our puppy, who will chew anything in sight.

Even at 7 months old, he managed to get up to the counter top in the kitchen and steal my eyeglasses along with his dog collar.

We usually keep an old collar on him when he is around the house and have a good one for his walks. Thankfully it was the old one he managed to destroy.

I started researching sites for new collars and while I was at it, new leads.  I find that my hand hurts whenever my dogs pull me with the lead I currently have.

There is a brand called Lupine, which is the brand I currently own as our puppy's "good" collar.

Apparently, their leads have a somewhat padded handle, which could help me during those pulling moments.  

As I usually do, I searched for the best prices for these collars and leads.  I found a site I had never come across before called  There are so many collars there and various manufacturers are represented.  From patterns, prints, designs of all sorts, you will most likely find something you like. 

And if you are a dedicated sports fan, you can find collars and leashes and dog bowls for NFL Football, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey Teams, NASCAR and NCAA Schools.  And to think I settled for solid color collars and leads!

Right now there is a coupon code for Free Shipping if you spend over $25.  Having 2 dogs, it was not difficult to arrive at that amount.  

The collars and leads from Lupine are guaranteed, even if chewed.  They will replace your damaged or defective item at no cost. (Not all manufacturers have this guarantee so if you think you will have a problem with a "chewer," stick to Lupine.)

When you see how many products are available for our pets along with our own particular tastes, you realize that there is no end to which a manufacturer will go to satisfy the consumer, whether or not they bark.

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