Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lf All You Need Are New Tires For Your Car, That Is All You Should Buy!

Deciding which brand of tires you want along with which model tire you need is exhausting enough.

Shopping for prices is not as difficult if you don't try to price shop all over the place.

I have bought tires from only 2 tire shops in my area because they do a good job and offer competitive pricing.

After doing my own research to find the best tire for my car, I called the 2 shops to get pricing. They told me that I came up with the best tire choice for my car in the price range I had in mind.  I decided to go with the shop that had a nice waiting room because it was freezing that day and they were willing to meet the price I had.  This particular shop had to get "permission" to do the price match.  I told them nicely that if it was a hassle, I could go to the other shop, but they wanted to do the job.  

Now that we agreed on the price, I am told that I should do an alignment each time I get new tires so that I don't mess them up.  I declined, knowing that if I was going to do this, I would do it at my car dealer.  Besides, I just had an alignment at my last service.
When the car was ready, I paid and left.  Once back home, I noticed that on the receipt there was a notation that my rear shocks were leaking very badly and needed to be replaced.

I called them and asked why they neglected to mention this at the time I paid for my tires?  They said that it was an oversight on their part.  They then asked if I wanted to bring the car back in to replace the rear shocks.  I said that I would have to get back to them.  

Feeling a bit surprised at this news, I called my trusted service contact at my car dealership  and he told me I could look at the shocks myself as long as I could get under the car.

And that is exactly what my husband did along with taking photos of both shocks. What we saw were shocks with dust/dirt and some rust on them.  I sent an email with the photos to the service department.  The service manager said that he could not see any leakage at all and that the shocks looked fine, although one had some rust. At my next big service appointment they will check them, as usual. 

My 2005 Toyota 4-Runner is driving fine with the new tires.  It may be that the money I paid for the tires was just too good a price and that this particular tire shop was looking for a way to make up for the low price by trying to sell me an alignment and new shocks.

You may get a great price somewhere, just make sure you don't pay any more for it!

If you own a Toyota, you may want to have your Toyota serviced at Greentree Toyota in Brookfield, CT.  By the way, they sell cars too!

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