Monday, November 29, 2010

Look Down To Find Your Worst Enemy

Recently I came across a very interesting article explaining what damage we can do to an already abused part of our body.

Because I have some "foot" issues, I mostly wear Merrells, so I don't pay attention to all those other shoes out there.  I do find myself wondering how so many women can wear those high heels and actually walk in them.

With my ankle problems, all I can see is someone twisting their ankle in these shoes and I feel their pain.

I found this article on: and wanted to share it.

Here is the link:

Maybe it will encourage you to think about the next pair of shoes you buy.

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Nellie said...

Did you know some women have operations so their feet will fit into Jimmy Choo shoes?

Other women just keep cramming their feet into skinny shoes until their toes overlap and their feet get bunions. Ew.

I haven't worn high heels since I stopped working in New York 30 years ago. Also I never wear shoes inside. Consequently my feet look like dinner plates, but they hold me up well and they don't hurt.

Some people are snobs about them, but Crocs cost $20 and give you lots of wiggle room. My greyhound thinks my fuzzy winter Crocs are her lost puppies, but she's a little weird from being abused at the track for four years.