Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reviews of Current Cell Phones and Hints of the Future

The time has come to "upgrade" my cell phone.  Trouble is, with the choices available right now, not one is exactly what I want.

How much more time can I spend in the Verizon store?  I visit once every few weeks hoping to find out some secretive information.  Finally I am told that they really don't know exactly what is coming out or when.

The manager of one of the Verizon stores gave me two sites to go to for reviews of the current phones and to see what they have to say about future releases. Granted, nothing is written in stone, but it is interesting to research.  I have been on many other review sites, but I had never heard of these two before.

If you have not been on the sites, I recommend taking a look. And if what they say is correct, I may have a new phone in the next month!

Where to research:  www.phonescoop.com and www.phonearena.com.

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