Monday, June 13, 2011

All-Clad Stainless at Bargain Prices

If you have any desire to own All-Clad basic stainless steel pans, look for the ones on sale if there are any left.

I noticed that many sites and stores were having sales on the stainless collection.  I thought that they were discontinuing the line and wanted to know why.  I had a decent amount of these pans and was wondering if they had improved on what I always thought was a great pan.

I got on the phone with All-Clad and was so glad I had called. The only change they are making is in the handle. They are using the same type of handle as is on the "d-5 line" which looks a bit sleeker, but other than that, it all works the same.  The new line of the stainless was coming out in June so they wanted to get all the product with the "old" handles off the shelves.

So I started shopping and bought myself a few pieces at unbelievable prices.  I love the All-Clad stainless and use the pieces all the time.  They clean up so easily.

It may be too late to find any of the remaining pieces, but if you do, grab them!

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