Thursday, October 13, 2011

What A Pain This Foot Has Become

One week has passed since surgery and I am finding things to be a little more difficult than I thought.

All went according to plan and then some.  When I was wheeled into the operating room, all I saw were tables filled with nuts, bolts, pins, rods and frames.  Not your typical surgical supplies.

The nurses and I joked because I had requested a black color frame.  It goes with everything, they all agreed.  The surgeon told me afterwards that he was going to give me a pink frame, thinking who in their right mind wanted black.  At least the nurses knew what I wanted since I was under sedation and couldn't speak for myself.

Surgery lasted 3-1/2 hours.  The surgeon had to go into one joint and do major scraping since the arthritis was so bad, so now I also have a huge cut on my foot along with stitches.  

During my stay at the Hospital For Special Surgery, I was so pleased by the professionalism and attentiveness the nurses and aides exhibited.  I had great care and knew it even though I had to be on a good amount of pain meds, which I took willingly.

It was two days before they removed the wrap on my foot for me to see my new companion for the next 12 weeks.

Sunday was my discharge day.  So happy to be going home, or so I thought.  You don't realize how much you are taken care of while in the hospital.  Your meals and meds are brought to  you.  The aides help bathe you.  Your vitals are taken all the time and most importantly, I was able to get coffee anytime I wanted!

Trying to make a cup of coffee at home and then carrying the cup while using crutches just doesn't work.  I came to the realization that I could barely do anything by myself.

So here I am, learning that I can't be the independent person I have always been for at least the next 11 weeks. 

The most wonderful thing about all this is seeing how terrific my friends and family are and how caring and helpful they have been. All way beyond anything I could have imagined!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Shelly,

My name is Julian, and I shattered my heel in 2004. I developed arthritis in my subtalar joint in my right foot. I have been told by several surgeons that fusion is the only cure to my pain. However, I am very interested in the ankle distraction and stem cell procedure that you had last year.

I was curious how you your foot feels today. Did the surgery help? Would you rec

ShelleySays said...

If you want me to respond to you, it would be best to include your email in another comment, which I will not publish, and then I can respond.