Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buying a Wedding Gown? Rules To Live By When You Finally "Say Yes To The Dress!"


I guess that you figured out that we were shopping for a wedding dress.  My daughter is getting married in October.

What an adventure!  It takes every ounce of emotion building up to the "this is THE DRESS" moment.

I thought about the way I would feel when I would see my daughter in a wedding gown for the first time and assumed I would cry.  And cry I certainly did.  Not a sobbing cry, just lots of tears in my eyes kind of cry.

That moment has many meanings attached to it.  As I looked at her in the wedding gown, I saw my daughter as a grown woman...starting a separate life with her husband.  Even though she has not lived at home for a long time, this felt different.

I would love to share some advice now that we have been through the "Say Yes To The Dress" experience, a term coined by Kleinfeld Bridal for their TV show on the TLC network entitled "Say Yes To The Dress."

Because wedding gown shopping can be both an endearing as well as stressful time, remove as many obstacles as you can to ease your way through.

I am not sure how many gowns were tried on, but because there are hundreds to choose from, you need to establish some structure.  I would suggest that the price point be the first rule of shopping.  If you don't abide by that, you could be looking at more dresses than reality dictates and then the bride-to-be has a false sense of what dress she can actually choose.

My first thought was to try on dresses you love and we can deal with the price later.  But what happens when the bride loves a dress that is just way beyond your budget and then feels every other dress pales in comparison?  Not a good idea.


More rules to follow so stay tuned.

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