Monday, March 19, 2012

Rule #3: How Do You Know That You Have The Perfect Dress?

RULE #3:  Return to the Bridal Shop to Review Your Top Picks

By now you have your wedding gown choices down to a mere few.

Is there one you love the best?  Are you debating between two? Are you not sure that you love any you have tried on?

The decision to "Say Yes To The Dress" is not always easy as you can see if you have ever watched the show on TLC.

What we did was to go back to the bridal shop which had the dress we thought was the one.  When we made the appointment it was not only to re-try on what we liked but to see if anything new had come in which might be better.

And there were more gowns to try, especially when another trunk show happened to be there the day we arrived.

After all the new wedding gowns were modeled and there were some great choices, the one from the previous week was then tried on.  It was the dress! I cried again.  Everyone loved it and our terrific sales person at Kleinfeld confided to my husband that she loved it more than any other one.

They then matched a beautiful veil to the dress and it was done!  

The next time we return to Kleinfled will be for alterations!

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