Monday, June 4, 2012

Verizon: There's Always Something

Let me start out by writing that overall Verizon is a fairly decent company to deal with.

Throughout the years I have used their services, I have had disputes resolved to my satisfaction in most situations.  Same for Verizon Wireless.

That said, I do have some things I would like to share.

The first has to do with Verizon, the phone, internet and TV company.

My monthly bills were growing higher and higher.  Whether it had to do with small increases in equipment, taxes, or fees, the total I owed each month never shrank.

I called to see what I could do to save some money.  Of course I did not want to reduce any of my services, that was not going to solve the problem.

What I found out, and this was easy, was that I could switch to Digital Phone service.  That way, my second line would cost substantially less each month than it was presently costing me and I would be able to use both lines with unlimited capabilities.  Before only the specified line came with the package.

Within that change, I could also up my internet speed for the same money, but the trade off came with the upload speed which was reduced.  I asked if I could keep what I already had because I knew how it worked and had no issues with it. My download speed was less than they were now offering but my upload speed was better.  The answer was that I could and it saved me $5 a month.  

The only difference is that you have to dial the area code before each number you call, even if the number is in your same area code.   Oh, you also get a Voice Mail service which has some interesting features. 

Not a bad day in VerizonLand.

The second item has to do with Verizon Wireless and what happens when you upgrade after your 2 year agreement ends. In the past, you went in search of your next new phone.  Easy enough.  This time while attempting to purchase a new phone, we noticed a new charge attached to the new phone purchase. It is a $30 fee each time you upgrade when your contract is ending and you want a new phone.

I called Verizon Wireless immediately to find out what this new charge was all about.  Being an informed consumer, I will tell you that I did not read one bit of info on this new charge.  Usually they hide the bad news in your bill, which most of us don't read.  Or if they are feeling decent, they send out a mailing.

So where did I go wrong?  Turns out that I did not go wrong at all.  After arguing until I had no voice left, I was told that Verizon chose not to send out any notice but would explain it when someone called to order a phone and questioned the charge.

They claimed that all the other major communication companies were doing this and in fact, their fee is the least of all.  Thanks so much for that bit of information!

I told them that for a communication company, their communications skills were lacking.

They apologized but said that they cannot do anything about the fee.  

We needed the new phone, so we paid the fee.

Unfortunately I can't tell you that I managed to get it removed. I did all I could...even wrote to Corporate and did get a written response as well as a phone call.

Maybe they need the extra money to pay all their customer service reps who have to deal with all the calls/complaints about this new charge.

Lastly, this has to do with how Verizon is not doing some things they made a big deal about doing. If all the information in this article is correct, this will make many of us angry. I will just print the link here because it will make it easier to read:

Read on.

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