Thursday, February 6, 2020

When is a Fig more than a Fig and other stories

A fig can only be better than expected when it comes from Shiloh Farms.  

This company has a customer service department which is one of the best I have ever experienced.

When I had a question about a product of theirs I had purchased, I not only received a very detailed answer, but before I knew it, I was sent a new one! And there was not anything wrong with the one I had but they wanted to make sure that I was totally satisfied.

All they wanted was for me to be happy. 

I  continue to buy products from Shiloh Farms and have enjoyed them all.

Great customer service seems to be harder to come by, so I need to give them credit for a job well done.

Now let's talk about dog food.  I feed our Labrador great food from Canidae.  Expensive but has everything you would want for your dog.  I  have gone through at least 4 of the 24 lb bags so far.  With this last one, I noticed that there were white pieces sticking out from some of the kibble.  I never saw anything like it before so I  emailed the company and sent a photo.  Their response was fast and assured me that what I was seeing was one of the ingredients in it and it was safe to eat.  They also said they would bring it to the attention of quality control.  On top of that, they offered to replace the bag through the website where I had purchased it, which was, another great company.

You can't ask for more.

VITACOST.COM is another company which allows you to ask for a refund or replacement directly on the website.  You don't even have to call or chat.  They are very responsive when you do call and always make things right.  Aside from customer service, they have an incredible amount of products and deals.

I also had a good experience with Revlon and  MyoBuddy makes handheld percussive massagers which I learned about in physical therapy.

The point is that there are those companies that actually care about their products and how they affect consumers and they need to get a Thank You and a Shout Out and our continued support! 

Maybe the effort taken by a company is not overwhelming for them but it sure makes our lives easier.

For the other ones who make things difficult for a consumer, we in turn should take offense and shop somewhere else.

Life is hard enough!

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