Tuesday, March 21, 2023

No More Cuisinart Products

Did you ever buy an item which had an expired warranty date as you were purchased it?

I have and this is what happened:

I purchased a Cuisinart Toaster Oven from Bloomingdales on October 28, 2022.  In February I  noticed that the words on each push button were worn off.

Called Cuisinart and they asked me for the serial number, which I gave them and then was informed that my warranty had expired.  HOW could that happen with a purchase date of October 28th?  The rep told me that the store I bought it from must have had old ones for sale. Cuisinart does not go by your purchase date, they only use the Serial number and the date which it is attached to.

In all the years I have purchased products, this has never happened.  I didn't even know that this could happen.   So then the rep tells me that in order to cover this and send me a new one, I had to CUT the electric cord, send them a photo that I  cut it and then they would send me a new unit.  Think about this, they wanted me to destroy a working toaster oven which I could have donated, just because they obviously do not trust their consumers to return the defective item once they received an replacement.  

I asked the rep if she would be willing to break her cell phone and then wait 10 days to get another one as she told me that it would be 10 days before a new Toaster Oven would arrive.  Her answer was, "That's company policy."

So I called Bloomingdales, a store I have shopped in since getting my very first job after college!  The rep was surprised at my story, saying he never heard that before and was very willing to make good and send me a replacement and a return label for the one I had.

That is how a reputable store should respond!  After this I just crossed Cuisinart off my list until they honor a warranty from the date of purchase!

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