Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ever do a Vodka Taste Test?

I love drinking a martini every now and then. So one day we decided to see if the popular Grey Goose was the best.

We tried making martinis with Absolute, Grey Goose, Kettle One, Belvedere and the less expensive Tito's.

To be certain, we first made martinis knowing which one was in the shaker. The second time, we did a blind taste test.

Both times we choose Tito's Vodka. A big surprise! We found it to be smoother than most and at least equal to Grey Goose.

You should try it. Let me know what you think. What we believe, is that for the money, you can have very good martinis for a lot less money. And really, after the first or second one, who even knows what you are drinking?


Unknown said...

Hey Shelly- I agree that Tito's tastes just as good- until you have a headache from drinking more than one! I like Kettle One the best and Grey Goose number two- but that is straight up with a twist- when it comes to mixing- it probably doesn't matter!

Susan said...

HI Shelly, thanks for the insight on Tito's. I've never tried that. When our Russian Delegation was here, we added Pravda and Dolgoruki Russian vodkas to our selections. They drink their vodkas straight up.....

I'll have to try the blind tasting too.....but I agree, after a couple...who cares....cheers.