Friday, January 8, 2010

AVATAR - The Movie - So What?

Once in a while I will deviate from the purpose of my blog in order to vent.

Want to see one dimensional characters in a 3-D movie? I did that exact thing last week. What a let down. Here are my issues:

The 3-D took away from the movie. At times it made things look less realistic, out of focus or distracting.

The actors recited their lines without any emotion. We've seen this storyline before. I felt that the movie lacked soul, only offering us special effects. Not to take away from the power of these special effects - they were great - but is that all there is?
As for the music, it was bad Titanic re-do. I couldn't wait to get out of the theater while the music played during the credits.

And please tell me why, if this movie takes place in 2157, do the aircraft, guns, explosives etc., look as if they are only a few years ahead of us instead of 147 years from now? I laughed at the fact that the soldiers had to do a Wii version of fighting while sitting in huge metal robots. Again, this far into the future should have given us more interesting battle scenes. "Iron Man" looked more advanced.

All the hype and excitement leading up to this movie left me underwhelmed and not thinking about it again once leaving the theater.

Of course you will go to see it. Just bring food to eat in case you need something else to do!

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Anonymous said...

Team Shelley! I liked the blue planet, but not much else. Guess what ... they are selling the DVD on the basis that it includes the uncut sex scene. EWWWWWWW! I don't watch sex scenes, so I had to read somewhere that the Navi don't have genitals - it's all about that ponytail braid thing. What a horrible story - white man comes and saves sensitive natives by riding the biggest bird and turning everybody into violent assholes.