Sunday, March 7, 2010

Advice For Your Pets

My pet issues seem to grow as my dogs and cat get older! I am grateful for my veterinarian whom I can call anytime. There are times when I have to stop panicking and deal with an issue by doing some research online.

This is what happened last night. Hunter (The Blogging Dog,) got into some trouble outside. He came in and was acting a bit crazy, digging at his bed, sticking out his tongue as if wanting to clean it, licking his body and the worst, tons of drooling.

It got too wild when the floor was covered in his saliva. I thought he may have eaten something outside, which could easily have been the case since he walks around our property and we do have fox, woodchucks, turkeys and who knows what else!

I started looking up "Excessive Drooling in Dogs," and found a great website which covers everything you could ask for. The site is: I also subscribed to the newsletter . The Vet is in Southern Florida, owns many hospitals and has been practicing for 25 years. You can also call to speak to a Vet or Vet Tech to get an answer in 10 minutes, although there is a fee involved.

This is not to say that there was not any other site I could have gone on to find this information, but I liked the way this was done and how much information was available.

Where to find information:

By the way, Hunter is fine.

Here's to all our wonderful animals!

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