Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All The Vitamins You Could Ever Want

Not sure if anyone takes as many vitamins and supplements as I do, but just in case you need any, I have a great site for you. It is called Vitacost.com.

And not just for vitamins.  You can buy organic or allergen-free food products,  green cleaning products, herbal supplements, bath and beauty products, sports drinks and supplements and homeopathic remedies to name a few categories.

Let's talk about prices - the best you can find anywhere. And there are different brands to choose from within a category.  Shipping cost is a flat $4.99, not matter what your final total is.

I have been using this company for many years and could not be more pleased.  If something is wrong with anything, you send it back, no issues, and you will either get a replacement or your money back.  Sometimes you will get an email offering a discount code for certain products or an overall discount on your total order. Even without any discount, I cannot find the products I purchase for less anywhere.

Where to buy:  www.vitacost.com

Here's to good health!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Shelley, you're the best!!!