Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Company With Heart

I was ready for them to say, "Sorry, we can't take it back." What a surprise when I heard their response. Here's what happened:

A few weeks ago I was running low on arthritis medication for my dog Emma so I ordered more.

Unfortunately, Emma passed away before we opened the new bottle.  A few days later, I wondered if I could return the unused prescription. What I want to write about is how understanding www.1800PetMeds.com was.

I called the company to see if they would take back the medication.  They explained that by law, medication cannot be returned...but they would be happy to put a credit on my credit card for what I paid.  I was so taken aback.  Imagine, not a "store credit!" An actual credit to my card.  What could I say? I thanked them over and over again.  Partly surprised and truthfully grateful because of the expense of the medicine.

Here is the bottom line:  www.1800PedMeds.com impressed me with the way they handled my situation. They did more than they had to and that makes a difference.

Note:  they will do price matching if you present them with a legitimate company's prices.  Shipping is free if your order is over $39. 

Where to buy:  www.1800PetMeds.com

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Ysolt said...

awww... i'm sorry about your doggy! and wow petmeds! what great customer service!