Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blinds To Go in No Time at All

The sun is coming in, it's too hot outside and you need to block out the intense light.  If you want a quick and economical solution, you have to shop at Blinds To Go.  I use the word "economical" not to imply cheap, just to let you know that you can design a really nice window treatment for a great price...and have it in your hands in no time at all.

We went into the store, of which there are many locations, gave the salesperson our measurements, picked out fabric and our order was put into production.  The best part was that we picked up our shades 48 hours later.

If you look at their website,, you can view everything you need to start your project, "e-talk" to an expert, view promotions, learn how to measure, find a store nearby. Blinds To Go offers factory-direct prices with factories in the United States and Canada. 

Once you have your measurements, visit the store and you won't believe the selection of blinds and fabrics for all types of shades.  We were impressed with our salesperson's expertize and he didn't seem to mind how long we took to decide on our fabric choice and finalize our order.

When giving measurements to your salesperson, make sure they understand the exact set up of the shades/blinds you are going to install. In our case, because two shades were being installed next to one another in the same window frame, the salesperson didn't allow enough space for one of the brackets. This made installation a bit difficult. Also, read all the directions first so you know exactly what you have to do.

So nice to have a room where the light is beautifully filtered through. 

Where to start:

You can also call:  1-800-BLINDS-7

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