Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Container Store is my New Best Friend

Just picture a New York City apartment where closets are at a minimum.  What you do with those closets is the difference between having all your belongings fit inside or having to put your clothes, shoes, sheets, whatever, under the bed!

(By the way, you can purchase containers which will fit under most beds if you don't have enough closets.) 

We discovered The Container Store one day after seeing an ad for a discount on Elfa shelving. We made an appointment to work with an organization expert and then took measurements for each closet we needed help with.  Armed with ideas of what we wanted in the closet, we discussed our needs with our organization expert, decided on what type of wood we wanted for trim, colors of grid shelving and brackets and before long, had a closet design.

What is incredible about The Container Store is the product:  Elfa - a modular shelving and drawer system.  The computer program it uses works like a charm.  When your design is finalized, the program adds in all the types of screws you need (you will be asked what material your walls are,) and anything else necessary to complete the project.  It's a no-brainer.

My husband did all the installation himself after reading the directions, which are very clear, and after doing two closets, he became an expert. In total, he has done 8 closets and one wall unit.  He is ready right now to help you with your closets!

For a fee, you can also have The Container Store do the installation.  They offer discounts on installation as well as the shelving various times throughout the year. On the website,, you can watch an installation video ahead of time to see if this is something you want to take on.

The product almost always arrives in perfect condition, although if you have an issue with any piece, you can return/exchange it.  Once we found a scratch on an end piece of a free standing unit and The Container Store delivered a new piece the next day.  Also, any extra pieces you didn't use, such as a bag of screws, you may also return.

Needless to say, The Container Store sells everything you could possibly need for making your life more organized.  When they have a 20% off sale on everything in the store, watch out, because all of a sudden you will wonder how you could have managed without all you will find there!

I noticed on their website,, that there is a Spring Organization Sale going on now and some of the Elfa shelving is on sale.

There is a flat fee for local delivery. Otherwise it ships UPS.

Where to shop:

Who to call:  1-888-CONTAIN

Enjoy your new, orderly life!

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