Monday, April 19, 2010

Italian Wine Merchants Makes Life With a Wine Cellar so Easy

Finally, a great way to remember wines you laid down in your wine cellar without the need for an expensive computer program.

Italian Wine Merchants in New York City has a program which is so easy to use. If you have never looked at their site,, you should do so as well as sign up for emails.  They have one of the best selections of Italian wines anywhere.

A while ago I had received an email from Italian Wine Merchants describing a "Complimentary Online Cellar Management Account" service they offer where you input information about each wine you have. 

Once the wine is in the system, you will find sub categories such as "Cellar View" and "Analysis" for example.  It also allows you to rate the wine you have for future reference. You can sort your wine by almost any attribute, keep track of quantity of each wine, and where it is stored in your cellar.

When in your "cellar" account, another feature makes it easy to purchase a wine you already have. You highlight the wine to see if Italian Wine Merchants carries it and if so, you can order it. It is so simple.

When you go to, from the Home Page, "Wine Collecting Services," go to Register to set up an account. Once there you can learn how the program works.

While on the site, don't forget to take a look at all the wonderful wines!

Where to go: 

Where to shop for wine:

Now you can start on your journey to wine management.

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