Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are Your Pets Happy With Their Food?

Most Dogs Love to Eat: This is very true when it comes to my dogs. They even eat dry cat food! We were feeding them one brand of dog food for many years, but the food got caught in the contamination fiasco so we had to change. Because of allergies, we went to a much better product but it was only sold in some specialty dog supply stores. No online ordering for me because I needed to pick it up to avoid shipping charges. I have two yellow labs and buy 30lb bags.

While searching online, I found a site that had stores not too far from where I live. They will do a price match if you see it somewhere else for less. Of course they will call this "other" store to confirm the price.

This price gets logged into their computer and each time I come in to buy more dog food, they ring up the lower, matched price. One caveat: they will give you a free bag for each 10 you purchase, but discounted bags are not covered. Also, they keep this lower price active for a specific amount of time.

If you don't live anywhere near this particular franchise, why not do some price checking and see if your store will do the same. It never hurts to ask.

By the way, the food I buy is called Artemis. I use this brand for both my dogs and cat.

Where to buy: stores are in CT. They offer coupons every so often which you have to print out from their site and bring into the store. A little work, yes, but the discount is decent enough to make you turn on your printer.

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