Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buy Dig

Do you search the internet for the best price for a TV? I do this all the time. It seems that the price changes each week. Sometimes it is higher, sometimes so low, I will want to buy it. Instead I wait. Wait because you know that at some point it will be even less, especially as soon as some newer model comes out. If you don't need a magnifying glass to see the difference between TV model #1 or #2, you can buy the model which is now reduced. I have ordered large size TV's online and there was never a problem. Once, on a lark, I went into Sears. They claim that they match prices, but as it turns out, the only price match they do is with stores which are nearby. Forget matching internet pricing as far as Sears is concerned.

Where to buy: www. target="new", and target="new". I believe that they are the same site so I go back and forth to see which posts the better price. Not everything on these two sites are the same. They usually offer free shipping. There is also but note that they do not usually sell the newest nor the top of the line model, which may not matter in the long run. Some TV's on come with shipping included and that is certainly a plus. Or you can go to the Costco store which may have different models and prices. And you have to be a member or someone's guest to buy anything.

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